How to pump up the ass 10 most effective exercises

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How to pump up the ass

How to pump up the ass 

 To pump up the ass and make it beautiful and elastic is quite possible at home. To do this, you only need the desire to regularly repeat fairly simple exercises. And then after a month your rear view will radically change and make you smile at the reflection in the mirror.

To pump up the ass, that is, to build muscle and give them the desired shape, choose weight training (barbells, dumbbells, kettlebells or body bars). In that case, it will be enough 2-3 workouts per week, and each exercise must be performed 4-5 sets by 5-8 reps.

Fat burning exercise for 4-16 minutes

And if your goal is visually reduce buttocks, refuse additional weighting. In this case, all exercises will have to be done more often: 5-6 times  per week and more5-6 sets by 18-20 reps.

How to pump up the ass, exercises, fitness, exercise, ass

How to pump up the ass 

The most Steroids on Reddit: Steroids discussions effective exercises for elastic priests that you can perform at home


It’s certainly possible to pump up the ass without squats, but not so quickly and efficiently. If you want to notice the result in a few weeks, you still have to turn to this exercise.

Squat - a basic exercise that allows you to work not only ass, but also legs,back and even press.

For the correct execution of squats, stand up straight, legs slightly wider than shoulders. Squat, taking your buttocks back and as if sitting in an invisible chair. Reaching the corner at 90 degrees, rise, also carrying weight back. Do every fourth squat, lingering on 10-30 seconds at the bottom point.

Fitness instructions: sets of exercises for independent workouts

At an advanced level, pick up a dumbbell, barbell or bodybar. Weights seriously increase the load.

Squats are done deeply, the ass must be brought back as much as possible, keep your back straight. Squat to as low as possible: the lower you go, the more buttocks will be involved in the squat.

By the way, squats effectively relieve cellulite. Remember the simple rule - the more you squat, the faster the priest becomes seductive.

 Bridge (pelvic rises)

Lie on the floor, arms extended along the torso, bend your legs and move them as close to the buttocks as possible. Now Steroid Creams Can Help with Skin Inflammation lift the pelvis, making a bridge and tightening the muscles of the buttocks. When doing this exercise, lean on your hands, then the load will be distributed evenly, and the vertebral section will not be overstrained. You can stay in this position longer if you feel the effect, for example, trembling. Do this exercise "ladder": 3 sets of 15, 12, 10 reps.

 Raising the pelvis with the leg extended up

This exercise is very similar to the previous one, but even more effective. Lie on the floor, bend one leg at the knee, and stretch the other up. In this position, lift the pelvis, squeezing the muscles. Do by 15 reps in every approach 6-8 sets. To pump up the ass more efficiently, the leg can be loaded with a weighting agent.

How to pump up the ass, exercises, fitness, exercise, ass

How to pump up the ass 

 Mahi back and to the side

The easiest exercise for elastic priests. Become, grasp the back of your chair with your hands and swing back and to the side. Do not accelerate, work out your muscles slow. Do not rest at the lower point of the swing, but immediately throw the leg up.


The most important exercise for a beautiful priest. For weight Some Easy Fixes to Bulk with Metenolone loss, they are not so effective, since they help build muscle mass. When they work gluteus maximus and front surface of thigh and lower leg. Take dumbbells in your hands, stretch them along the body and proceed to lunges. You can do them both locally and moving forward around the room. The wider the step, the more gluteal muscles are involved. In this case, be sure to keep your back straight, and the knee of the hind leg should touch the floor.

How to pump up the ass, exercises, fitness, exercise, ass

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How to pump up the ass 

Mahi back on all fours

This is a very useful exercise. Just get on all fours and do a swing back, let's say 50 one and 50 with the other foot per day. The exercise will be effective and "ladder": 3 sets of 15, 12, 10 reps. If this is too easy for you, increase the number of repetitions or put a dumbbell under the knee and raise your leg with it. When performing the exercise, do not relax the muscles of the buttocks.

 High chair

Press your back against the wall and sit down, as if you were sitting in an invisible chair. Hold on like that 30 seconds, then rest and do another 2 approaches. Try to increase the time by 10 seconds every day.


Another very effective exercise on the ass. Lie on your stomach, bend your knees. As you exhale, raise your legs up, linger in this position. Do 2 sets of 15 secondseach.

How to pump up the ass, exercises, fitness, exercise, ass

How to pump up the ass 

 High jump

Find a stable, stable pedestal about a height 30-40 cm and jump on him. Do It 4 sets of 10 reps. If this exercise starts to come easy for you, grab a dumbbell or put weight on your feet. You can do this exercise on the steps.


Get into the “legs slightly wider than shoulders” position, take a dumbbell or barbell and begin to lean down, bringing the body forward, and putting your ass back. Do It 4 sets of 10 reps.

You can pump Effect Of Methenolone Enanthate before and after No One Ever Talks About your ass without squats and weight exercises using cardio training.

How to pump up the ass, exercises, fitness, exercise, ass

How to pump up the ass 

 Cardio for elastic butt:

  • Jogging or Walking Uphill

Running on a flat surface tends to reduce the buttocks.

How to pump your ass in the gym

  • Interval training

Give preference to interval training at a measured pace. So fat will “oxidize” faster, and efforts to give your pope an ideal shape will be more successful.

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