How to pump up the ass for a week

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Do you want the butt to be elastic and seductive? Then here are four exercises that pump your buttocks in just a week!


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Put feet feet shoulder-width apart, set weight on shoulders closer to the upper edge of the shoulder blade. The lower point of the squat should be parallel to the floor or slightly lower Recommendations on the choice of PCT after a course of testosterone, provided that the lower back is not rounded. Perform 4 sets with reps from 12 to 6. With each set, increase weight and reduce the number of repetitions.

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Of course, you can perform this exercise without weight (especially if there are problems with the spine), but then you will have to spend more time and effort to pump your buttocks. Plus, you will need to do more repetitions - from 20 to 30 times per set.


This exercise Pleasant with helpful expert on the diversity and benefits of sports nutrition is performed with weight, in the same way as in the previous version. Put your feet on the width of the pelvis and with your back straight, lean forward. The knees are slightly bent and fixed. During tilt, you should feel the tension on the back of your thigh. Perform 4 sets of reps from 12 to 6.


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Lunge and tilt the body forward, creating tension in the buttock. Perform 3 sets on each leg, 15Ц20 reps.

How to pump your ass in the gym

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The supine position, the knees are bent 90 degrees, the feet are on a hill from 40 to 50 cm (this may be a step platform). When lifting the pelvis (with weight), push the heels into the platform and bring the hips in line with the lumbar spine. Do 2 sets of 20Ц25 reps.

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It is important to know:

A good amount of weight for your buttocks will give. Work without weight will only lead to strengthening and muscle tone of the buttocks, no more.

If there is no time for a fitness club, then try to walk up the stairs more (with each climb, step over two or three steps). The higher and more often you rise, the faster the Primobolan Depot side effects Benefits No One Ever Talks About priest will acquire a round, elastic shape.

Perform sets, your buttocks, pump your, pump your buttocks