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Your butt over the winter slightly, um, sagged? This thing is fixable. The main thing here is to set a goal and go towards it without giving yourself concessions.

About the fact that cake and other cellulite provocateurs still need to be abandoned, to say too much - this is by itself implied. Well, or at least reduce the use of harmful goodies at least three times. In the end, a beautiful booty requires sacrifice!

So, buy yourself a couple of cakes at the end of the fight for a tucked ass, wise them off, reminding yourself in the process of eating some eclairs that this is goodbye to sweets for about the end of the bikini season and super short shorts. Having finished this pleasant undertaking, rest for a couple of hours, change into a sports uniform, turn on some energetic music and start the exercises. Itís more fun to do in front of a large mirror - itís not that you will see how your priest is gradually getting fit and slimmer, but it's so nice to watch your own adroit movements!

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Warm up: keep All Proven Ways To Buy Testosterone Cypionate 250mg the rhythm!

Warm up exercises can be replaced with free dancing. And fun, and work out new dance moves on the eve of summer dance parties. By the way, it is noticed: among lovers of dancing the priest and hips are almost always in great shape.

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After plenty of dancing (it usually takes about 20 minutes to warm up), you can proceed to the main exercises.

Training: five exercises for a tight ass

one.†Stand on all fours, tilting the upper body with support on the elbows. Perform the swings up first with your left, then with your right foot - 20 moves for each of three approaches. Feet should not touch the floor. Finishing the swings on the third approach, hold each leg in the position above, straining the buttocks, and slowly count to forty.

Repeat the same exercise at the same pace, but with swings to the side. Feet with a swing can either bend at the knee, or make movements with straightened legs.

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This exercise makes the gluteal and femoral muscles work.

2.†Lie on your stomach, stretch your arms along the body for stability. Close your legs, tighten your buttocks, raise your legs above the floor and slowly swing them up and down without touching the floor. Repeat 1 Simple Rule To Get Anavar three times with 20 swings, at the end of each approach, fixing and holding the legs in the upper position for 15-20 seconds.

This exercise not only helps to quickly pump up the butt, but also strengthens the lumbar muscles and gives a seductive relief to the hips. At the same time, you will definitely notice that the exercise makes the lower abdominal muscles work, especially when you have to strain while holding your legs up.

Exercise Testosterone Propionate info: 8 Health Benefits + Awesome Effect in Our Body can be complicated by trying to tear your hips off the floor while swaying your legs up and down. So the load on the buttocks, back, lower abs and hips increases significantly, forcing them to ďgive all the bestĒ.

3.†Roll over on your back, spread your straight legs a little wider than your shoulders, lift them above the floor and keep them on weight. Simultaneously rotate with your left foot in a clockwise direction, and with your right foot counter-clockwise. With this load, the muscles of the lower press, buttocks and thighs work. Perform three sets of 15 repetitions.

four.†Get up, spread your legs much wider than your shoulders. Perform slow deep squats, lingering and slightly springing in the deep squat position for 15-20 seconds. Perform 20 squats in three sets. Hard? Believe me, you can do it.

five.†A little funny, but very effective exercise to complete the workout: sit on your ass and "walk" on the floor on the buttocks. It only at first glance seems that the exercise is easy! The catch is that you canít lean on the floor with your hands, and you need to keep your legs raised so that your hips do not touch the floor. Have you tried it? Understood what the salt is? An excellent buttock massage plus training for a mass of small muscles in addition to the main ones, because you also have to keep your balance! Try to "walk" around the room on the pope for about three minutes. Hold on straight!

Finally, you can turn on the music and dance again. Use the opportunity, so to speak, because the next day it will be much more difficult to force yourself to dance because of muscle pain. This, by the way, is a sure sign that you have worked nicely in the fight for tightened ass and slender hips.

It is checked: if you will Strength training for weight loss SportWiki Encyclopedia be engaged every day, you will be able to pump up your ass and hips in just a month!

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your legs, your hips, 15-20 seconds, exercise makes