"I want a boot like Kim" pumping the fifth point on their own

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Volumetric forms are so attractive that you are ready to "hang out" every day in a simulator and pump your ass? What really distinguishes a magnificent back from an appetizing and beautiful ass is elastic and defined buttocks, which still have to be worked on.

In life, if you are not considering false buttock implants, a priest like Kim consists of 80% proper nutrition and 20% correct exercise and regular training.

But how to achieve this quickly and correctly? After all, fat leaves slowly, muscles build up gradually, and you want to wag with ideal forms right now. In this article we will share with you the secrets and the most effective exercises that you can pump up the gluteal muscles in any conditions.

Place of pumping: at home or in the gym?

One who believes that only inthe gym, with a personal trainer, you can achieve success on the way to an ideal figure, lose a lot of available opportunities that allow you to independently pump your buttocks at home.

But there are nuances that need to be considered when choosing a home training program:

  • the shape of the pelvis that nature has awarded you (the method and selection of effective exercises will depend on this);
  • muscle tone;
  • amount of body fat.

The gym and personal fitness trainer serve as a kind of inspiration for those who constantly need additional incentive from the outside, control and organization of the process, but your personal desire is much more important.

The best motivator is your clearly defined goal, why are you doing this? To get into the dress of your youth, become more seductive for your lover, successfully marry, etc. - A specific, achievable and vital goal. You do not train for the trainer - you train for yourself.

Sport and Fitness - 3D Buttocks

Professional athletes in the gym individually for each client and make the most accurate nutrition and exercise program. This allows you to quickly and effectively build gluteal muscles. This is especially important for those who have a priest naturally flat and thin. Even if you do it yourself, you can go to a nutritionist for a nutrition program.

Muscle mass that is not prone to build up volume will be difficult to make large at home.

If you are so purposeful, decisive and persistent, and you have the material for pumping, work on yourself at home. Get someorbitreckfor effective warming up before strength training, dumbbells, weights, so that the study was more effective.

Without additional equipment and special simulators at home, you will be able to achieve a not-so-amazing effect, the maximum is to bring the muscles in tone, make the buttocks elastic, give them rounded shapes.

Before we tell you what exercises to do, let's look at how muscles work.

How the gluteal muscles build up

Let's go a little deeper into the anatomy and recall that the buttocks are made up of three buttock muscles: large, medium and small. structure of the gluteal muscles

The shape of the muscles, the location, as well as the shape of the pelvis, cannot be changed. You can pump up, increase the volume, dry (remove excess fat). But this is not achieved only by exercises. Ideal conditions for increasing the muscle fibers surrounding their connective tissues and nutrient fluid (sarcoplasm) are physical activity in conjunction with a sufficient amount of energy and recovery time.

Even the best strength exercises are completely useless without a balanced diet that satisfies the body's need for total calories and the required amount of protein. 1.5 g of protein, 1 g of fat, coal - the less the better (reduce coal gradually).

The gluteus maximus muscle is responsible for the volume of the buttocks. It is she who makes the ass visually raised, round, like a strong nut. Obviously, due to the small area of ??the middle and small gluteus muscles, it is very difficult, practically impossible, to build the ass on the sides.

How often do you need to do to quickly pump up the buttocks? If you believe scientists who claim that muscles begin to grow about 3-4 hours after a strength training, and this process lasts 36-48 hours, then it makes no sense to pump one muscle group more often than once every 2-3 days.

Remember, in a week your buttocks will become like Kim, Jay Law Scientists recommend strength training for the elderly, to maintain muscle and lose weight twice as fast or Beyonce except in your imagination. Only regular and honest training will give a noticeable result. And the optimal period for this is 2 months. And only after six months of work, the sporting rhythm of life becomes a habit.

Effectively pump your ass - in minus or plus

If you want to visually reduce the buttocks and tone them up, work out with minimal weight or without it as often as possible: 5-6 times a week, 5-6 sets of 18-20 repetitions per leg.

To build muscle and pump up the ass like a nut, exercise less, but with weight. Suitable dumbbells, barbells, weights. Do each exercise in 4-5 sets with fewer repetitions of 5-8, and do 2-3 times a week.

For 2 months, it is quite realistic to remove volumes up to 10 cm or build muscle up to 4-5 cm or more. Your goal determines the training program itself.

Basic exercises for pumping the buttocks at home

Its right to start any workout by warming up and warming up the joints.
Start with a 10-minute brisk walk or run while maintaining a heart rate just above 100. In fast heartbeat mode, fat burns most efficiently. Similarly, you can complete the training.

Deep squats (pelvic dominant)

This exercise allows you to stretch your gluteal muscles as much as possible.

1. Stand straight, feet shoulder-width apart, socks looking straight in the direction of the knees, hands behind your head (you can front of yourself in the lock, stretched forward, raised up).

2. Without sudden movements, slowly move the pelvis back (as if we are sitting on the tip of a chair) and lower ourselves to inhale

3. Get up on the exhale. Knees do not go out for socks. When we get up, we put the pelvis forward and tighten the gluteal muscles.

For greater effect, you can perform an exercise with dumbbells and supplement with springy movements at the lower point. Perform an average of 4 sets of 15 reps.

Plie Squats

Exercise effectively burns fat on the inner thigh, strengthens the buttocks.

1. Put your legs slightly wider than your shoulders, socks slightly looking to the sides. Hands in front of you or on your belt. If you are working with weights, hold the dumbbell in your hands, lowered down. Tilt your body forward slightly for better balance.

2. Gently lower down, keeping your back straight. Look directly in front of you, do not fall forward, transfer the entire load to the heels. Get as deep as possible, parallel to the hips with the floor, socks and knees look in the same direction. You may feel a slight tension in the inner thigh, but there should be no pain. Inhale below, exhale above.

3. Rising, strain the pelvis.

Weighting works most effectively when performing exercises on a hill (step platform, steps), leading to greater amplitude and stretching of the adducting muscles of the thigh at the lower point.

Frontal step climb with dumbbells

An auxiliary exercise, which is often the second or third exercise in a workout. He perfectly works on all the muscles of the legs and buttocks (the large and middle gluteus maximus, the flexor and extensor of the thigh, the calf muscles), and develops a sense of balance.

1. Stand exactly in front of the platform of the platform The program of training and nutrition on the landscape of Theseus Oftop at TJ (you can fold several one on one, use a chair, bench). As a load, you can take dumbbells (hold in hands) or a barbell (hold on your back).

2. Step with your right foot on the platform, the foot is completely on the plane, the pelvis in the plane of the platform (not falling to the right or left). Do not bend the knee to an acute angle, hold the weight with the whole foot, not socks.

3. Retract the abdomen, back in the neutral position, transfer the weight to the heel and straighten the leg in the knee and hip joints.

4. Put your left foot to the right on the platform.

Nordic walking is fashionable fitness: twice as efficient as running, 90% of the muscles work

5. Perform a step with your left foot down and reverse bending to its original position.

First, you can perform all repetitions with the right one (the left one simply steps to the floor and from the floor), then with the left foot, or you can take turns.

Do 3-4 sets of 10-15 reps, with a working weight. For endurance training - for 1 minute without stopping.

Lunges forward (backward)

1. Starting position - legs together, abs tense, back straight.

2. Lunge with your right foot forward so that the knee forms a right angle of 90 degrees. The knee should not protrude beyond the toe, the body is slightly inclined to the knee, the body weight is transferred to the right buttock.

3. Return to starting position.

First, we lunges with the right foot the desired number of repetitions, then the left. And so 3-4 approaches. For greater muscle development, use extra weight. Take dumbbells in both hands, hold along Buy Cheap Stanozolol Injection Online - Order Stanozolol the body. Similarly, we lunges back.

Each person has a leading (jerky) side, the one that pulls the main load on itself. Therefore, exercises on both legs at the same time are often less effective for the supporting side. The exercises that work out each leg separately allow you to equally distribute the load and pump the body symmetrically. One beautiful leg is good, and two beautiful legs are better.

Straight leg lift

1. Starting position: stand on all fours, straighten the right leg back, the press is retracted, the back is flat, does not bend in the lower back.

2. Raise the leg up to the line parallel to the floor, the toe is pulled over, the heel is looking up.

Do 20-25 reps, 3-4 sets on each leg.

Leaving the legs to the side

1. Get on all fours, rest your palms on the floor, do not bend in the lower back and shoulders.

2. Lift the working leg to the side bent at a right angle. At the highest point, the foot should be parallel to the floor.

3-4 approaches are performed, 15 times per leg.

Legs up

1. Starting position: stand on all fours, the back is even, the lower back does not bend.

2. Straighten the working leg, bend at the knee at a right angle, the foot is flat, looks parallel to the floor.

3. From this position we raise the leg up, as if pushing the ceiling with the foot, the toe is pulled over itself. Make sure that the lower back does not bend, and the body does not dangle to the sides.

4. At the highest point, tighten your buttocks a lot.

Sports & Fitness - YOUR FIT HOME Program (2018)

Repeat the exercise on each leg for 20 repetitions of 3-4 approaches. By combining the leg lift straight up and to the sides, it is possible to achieve maximum contraction of the gluteal muscle and significantly increase the effectiveness of the set. Can be done with or without weighting.

Connect jogging (if the kidneys, spine and joints are all okay), interval training and static exercises in your training diet. Alternating high and low physical activity with a certain interval, the fat will melt faster.


There are three varieties of this exercise: classical, Romanian traction and sumo style. For pumping the buttocks, the third option is best.

1. Starting position: legs wider than shoulders, feet parallel to each other, get as close to the barbell as possible (weight, dumbbells). The grip is a little narrower than shoulder width.

2. We carry out the lifting force of the quadriceps, leading muscles and buttocks.

Leg lift through the sides

Exercise is performed from a supine position on the side. Well pumps the outer surface of the thigh. For maximum effect, put on a leg a weighting agent of 1,5-2 kg. Similarly, you can perform from a standing position.

3-4 sets of 20-25 repetitions per leg.

Lying pelvis or gluteal bridge

1. The classic initial position: lying on the floor, hands along the body with palms down, legs bent at the knees, the width of the hips, heels as close to the buttocks, shoulders and body tightly pressed to the floor.

2. From this position, lift the pelvis as high as possible, resting heels on the floor, and tighten the muscles of the buttocks. Hold at the top for 2-5 seconds. You should not feel tension in your back.

3. Return to the starting position slowly, inhaling once or twice, without touching the buttocks of the floor. Avoid jerking and jerking, looking straight up all the time.

There are many varieties of the gluteal bridge: resting on the bench with shoulders or legs, with weight, bringing the knees together at the top, with legs crossed, with one leg extended.

Ideally, choose for yourself the exercises that your buttocks respond best to and alternate between them.

Highly compressed buttock strap

Only lazy not an athlete does not make the bar. Mega is a useful exercise that involves almost all muscle groups.

For the buttocks, a sophisticated version is ideal, but you can start with the classic strap from the knees, gradually "increasing speed."

1. Focus on the palms with straightened arms shoulder width apart or 90 degrees elbows

2. Put your socks on the floor (from the knees is easier).

3. The body forms one smooth line: the buttocks are tense and do not protrude upward, the back is straight, the lower back does not bend, the press is tense.

4. Hold your torso for 1 minute, gradually increasing the time.

The best exercises for pumping priests in the gym

In the gym you have the opportunity to pump up and build your buttocks as efficiently as possible with the help of special simulators. Here you can connect the following exercises:

Abduction of the legs in the machine while standing

1. Turn the toe slightly to the side (this contributes to a better contraction of the small and medium gluteal muscles).

2. Take your foot back. Try to straighten it completely, straining the gluteus muscle.

3-4 sets of 15-20 repetitions each.

Leaving the legs to the side in the machine

One of the must-do exercises for those who want to polish their buttocks. Exercise ideally works out the lateral surface of the buttocks (middle and small muscles), but only in combination with other exercises on the lower body.

Leaving the legs in the machine gives the hips a rounded shape, emphasizes the waistline.

1. Accept the starting position: sit on the simulator, the hips should be between the side stops, hold the arms with your hands, straighten your chest and straighten your back.

2. As you inhale, tighten your abs and spread your legs apart to the maximum. Hold yourself in the extreme position for a few seconds.

3. Slowly return to the starting position and exhale. Keep your legs not under the pressure of the simulator, but resisting it a little. Muscles are tense, and movements are completely controlled.

The recommended weight for women is 10-20 kg. Do 3-4 sets of 20-25 reps.

In order for the gluteal muscle to work out completely, change the angle of inclination of your body: the first half of the repetitions on inhalation slightly tilt the body forward, the second - lean back. At the same time, keep your back flat.

Bench Press

How to pump your ass in the gym

Exercise is suitable both for gaining muscle mass, and during drying to give relief forms.

The leg press in the simulator will not replace completely heavy squats with a barbell, but at the same time it will create considerable stress for your muscles.

Exercise well pumps calves, hips, ass. To maximize the use of the gluteal muscles, increase the amplitude of movements and do a push with the heel.

Subject to quality recovery, good rest, alternating loads and proper nutrition, basic exercises do a good job of hypertrophy and muscle growth.


Exercise not only strengthens the muscle corset, but also pumps the buttocks and the back of the thigh. the main load falls on the long muscles along the spine (extensors of the back), the gluteus maximus muscles and thigh biceps.

1. Adjust the simulator so that your pelvis rests firmly on the pillow, and its edge falls just in place of the bend of your body.

2. Take the starting position: the back of the legs (Achilles tendon, not reaching the calf) rest against the lower rollers, arms crossed behind the head or chest (easier option). The body is an absolutely straight line (do not slouch and do not bend your back). For a greater load, you can pick up a pancake of 1-5 kg.

3. We begin to sink down, bending only in the lower back. We reach an angle of 90 degrees (perpendicular to the floor, if the legs were on the same level with the body, and slightly higher if the legs were below the body). In case of problems with the spine, the angle may be less.

4. Slowly we come back and we are unbent so that the case made one line with legs. We linger at the top point for 1-2 seconds. We do not allow back excesses and jerks.

At home, many simulators can be replaced with a fitness ball (fitball).

And finally, another important rule. Swing muscles in a complex, change, supplement, alternate different exercises to avoid getting used to the body loads and uniformity.

The muscles Crossfit training or weight loss method, getting used to it, begin to work on the thumb, easily, without particularly straining. This reduces the effectiveness and intensity of the workout. Try a new exercise, give a big load, let the muscles feel a slight stress, and they will stop filing.

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