How to relax the muscles of the head, neck and face - a set of yoga exercises

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Overstrain of the muscles of the head and neck is a scourge of office workers. To remove the "clamps" that provoke a headache, the skill of voluntary muscle relaxation will help.

In the modern world, the headache of tension is the scourge of office workers Masteron Propionate: How To Permanently Gain, Even If You've Tried Everything!. Long work at the computer, eye muscle tension and chronic stresses lead to this condition. A headache of tension develops against a background of increased muscle tone, so it is very important to learn how to arbitrarily relax the muscles of the head and face ,- He speaksSergey Agapkin, the country's most popular on-screen doctor and author of the new book Do not let your head crack!"("Exmo").

What is a tension headache and how to get rid of it without drugs

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Stress headache is a type of headache that occurs in response to excessive mental stress in people with a certain type of nervous system. Often the generator of painful sensations with a headache of tension is muscle tension: the occipital, temporal, trapezius, sternocleidomastoid and muscle groups - the extensors of the neck.

Their tone rises due to nervous tension. This starts a chain of pathological mechanisms - muscle tension provokes compression of the blood vessels located in them, blood supply is disturbed in them, and edema appears. Tense muscles can also compress nerve endings.

The complex of these problems leads to the development Cardio or strength training is better for drying and losing weight of a headache. When the muscles relax, the pain goes away. Often people suffering from tension headaches do not even remember the feeling of relaxation, they forgot Best Steroids how it feels when these muscles are relaxed, and it is necessary to re-train the body for this skill.

A set of exercises for tension headache includes:

1. Elements of voluntary muscle relaxation.

2. Meditative and relaxation techniques.

3. Switching from taking painkillers to moderate physical activity.

Let's start with the first paragraph. In order to achieve the removal of muscle tone, you must first stretch these muscles. In case of a headache of tension, exercises will be aimed at the work of pericranial muscles, that is, the muscles surrounding the skull.

A set of exercises to relax the muscles of the head, face and neck: provided by Eksmo Publishing House

1. Exercise for the muscles of the forehead

For a few seconds, frown, tensing the muscles of his forehead. Feel these muscles, and then relax them as much as possible. Duration - Repeat for one minute.

2. Exercise for the muscles of the lips

Close your lips tightly, tighten the muscles that surround them. With closed lips, make several movements back and forth as if you were chewing without moving your jaw. Feel the muscles that work during this exercise, and then relax them as much as possible. Duration - Repeat for one minute.

3. Cheek muscle exercise

Lift Definitive Proof That NPP cycle the tips of your lips as far as possible, tightening your cheeks for five seconds. Then relax your tense muscles. Duration - Repeat for one minute.

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