Neck muscle massage to improve thyroid function and more

Neck massage - improves the condition of teeth, ears, eyes, thyroid function and endocrine system, the work of the heart and lungs.

You need to understand the importance of normal blood supply to all that is located above our neck. Cramps in the muscles of the neck - and the blood stops flowing to large areas of the face - to the eyes, teeth, ears.


Massage of the neck is performed in 12 lines on the neck, using the back of the second phalanx of the four fingers of the palm closed in a fist. First, it is done on three lines on the front right, then the same on the left with the left hand, then on the right behind and the same on the left. Each such vertical line is conditionally divided into three sections (top, middle, bottom) - massage begins from above, five movements are made with the fist back and forth and moves to the section below, then even lower. then everything repeats on another line.

neck massage

Fat burning training on all muscle groups

When all 12 lines have passed, it goes over to the right muscle going from neck to shoulder (the one that is nice to massage and What is the use of sports nutrition that quickly runs numb during sedentary work) - here the massage goes with the other hand (the left hand is the right muscle), and its not done with the fist, but pushing movements of the fingers (first, front five times in each of the three sections, then push the muscle forward from the back). First right, then left.

We sit down with an even spine and neck, consciously release tension from the muscles of the shoulders and neck (but in extreme cases, you can do it lying down). We squeeze the palm of our hand into the female fist (the thumb does not go to the rest, does not interfere with the working phalanges) and proceed on top of the first line on the right side of the neck with the right hand - pressing a little harder than average force we move at a relatively fast pace 5 times there and back. After making 5 movements, we lower a little and again 5 times, then even lower 5 times

You can also do arbitrary simple kneading and How To Dose Steroid withdrawal For Massive Growth rubbing movements. On the thyroid gland - only stroking.

Next, go to the muscle of the right shoulder, with the left hand. We place the palm on the shoulder close to the neck, so that the fingers rest further behind the shoulder, and begin the pushing movement of the palm. Having done 5 times, we move, and then again we move along the muscle.

Preventive self-massage of the neck muscles, which prevents many problems in the head area. If pain is felt somewhere, then this place can be massaged longer. The shortest and easiest approach for daily use is described (how courses can be used, that is, several weeks and forgotten for a couple of weeks), if the work is sedentary or you are physically engaged with a weight / horizontal bar, then longer-term prophylaxis should be done.

Having learned to do everything on the machine, you can then make a back-and-forth movement with your hand, and at the same time still move the weight training for weight loss phalanges themselves quickly (this is when the neck and not the shoulder are massaged) - you will get another movement that is more vibrating. On some days, you can not move your hand, but only quickly with the phalanges - then you will need to massage three times longer, that is, 15-20 times in each place. In general, there is nothing strict - neither in movements, nor in quantities, the main thing is to ensure that there are no painful areas.

salivary complaints

Checking the salivary glands

The picture shows the submandibular salivary glands and the parotid salivary glands. We drive the fingers under the jaw with a relaxed neck, and doing a massage movement there (for example, we move the thumb from side to side), at the same time we are looking for problem areas. There you can feel pain or feel the swelling - this is a massage of the fingers and you need to eliminate it, just knead these swelling, do not press hard just BREAKING SPORTS FOOD MYTHS rub it.

If this is eliminated in a couple of days, there is no pain and swelling, then you do not need to massage these places anymore, but continue to work on the neck, where there are many muscles that are less supple. Elimination of edema of the salivary glands - improves digestion, as the food begins to be fully moistened with saliva and the food lump is already more ready to enter the stomach. In some cases, when a person already had this problem, chronic - after peeling, pebbles, some kind of lime from salivary glands, can come out.

First, its better to work a little with the neck to improve blood circulation in these areas, then the swelling of the salivary glands will not return, well, or you can immediately massage the salivary glands, but the main thing is then to definitely work out for many days with the neck so that there is no return.

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