Neck muscles, is it worth it to train

To begin with, the neck is a very delicate part of the body, which performs a huge number of vital functions in our body, various supply routes pass through it, such as the esophagus, larynx, trachea, and blood vessels supplying the brain. The cervical vertebrae and muscles are designed to provide the head with the greatest mobility ... it is they who keep the head in balance, participate in the movement of the head and neck Best Anavar Steroids to Boost Your Body In 10 Days or Less.

Why do you need to train?

1. In order to reduce the risk of pain and injury.Nowadays, most people have sedentary work in offices at the computer, etc., in this case, training the neck muscles helps prevent cervical osteochondrosis. In addition, strengthening the muscles of the neck reduces the pressure that you can exert on it and prevents soreness if you have been in an uncomfortable position for a long The Boldenone in bodybuilding Downside That No One Talks About time.

2. Features of a particular sport.For example, wrestlers regularly pump neck muscles. Indeed, a strong, strong neck - not only protects against collisions in contact sports, but can also prevent concussion from strokes.

3. In everyday life.All the time we turn our heads (without even noticing it), look down, up, to the side (side), etc., we often turn around.

How to build neck Some Stunning Examples Of Best Legal Steroids Athletes muscles?

The simplest:

1. Head tilts back and forth

2. Tilts left and right

3. Circular movements

Nordic walking is fashionable fitness: twice as efficient as running, 90% of the muscles work

4. Head tilts with resistance

Harness exercise

  • Put on and fasten the harness on your head.
  • Take a stable position, while the back should be flat and slightly bent in the lower back, hands should be slightly above the knees.
  • Begin tilting up and down, stopping for a few seconds at the extreme points.

"Forehead to the wall"Another exercise that does not require additional equipment.

Putting a towel between the forehead and the wall, we repel the strength of the muscles of the neck.

Tip.All exercises should be performed slowly at first, 5-8 repetitions in 2-3 approaches are sufficient so as not to injure and avoid severe muscle pain the next day A Must-Read Proviron steroid For Workouts.

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