Original gymnastics for the neck muscles

5 not difficult exercises for self-resistance, helping to treat cervical osteochondrosis, vascular dystonia, chronic headaches. They are developed on the laws of biomechanics and the rules of leverage to change the magnitude of muscle tension.

A good tone of the neck Anadrol - A Guaranteed Way To Make Your Muscles Better is both a normal head fit and proper posture when there is enough muscle strength to hold the spine upright. Therefore, neck muscle training should be daily. The original technique will significantly increase the effect of training by combining the development of flexibility and enhancing muscle work.

The author of these exercises is Vladimir Georgievich Fokhtin, candidate of technical sciences, inventor, candidate for master of sports, marathon runner. Achieved high athletic performance in athletics, gymnastics, skiing.

The unique technique developed by him was successfully used at the Cosmonaut Exercises with dumbbells for slimming hands for girls and women, a complex of static and dynamic training Training Center named after Yu.A. Gagarin.

According to this amazing person, if you do not train the neck muscles regularly throughout life, then with age, degenerative-destructive changes, deviations to osteochondrosis, the appearance of vascular dystonia, chronic headaches are possible in the cervical spine.

This is the second article that describes the exercises performed by the method of V.G. Fokhtin. Check out the first article:

Original gymnastics for the muscles of the neck. To be continued.

Exercise "Doodle Methenolone Enanthate - Best Cutting Steroid".

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Starting position: standing straight, shoulders down, arms along the body. Tilt your head to the right (left), at the end of the movement, maximize the tension of the muscles involved in the movement. Repeat the exercise the other way.

Exercise "One-Hand Doodle".

Starting position: standing straight, shoulders down, arms along the body. It is necessary to overcome the force of resistance created by one hand.

Following3 exercisesperformed in the supine position.

Warning from the author of the technique: do not forget about caution, adhere to the principle of gradualness, do not try Dumbbell exercises for kids and beginners SportWiki Encyclopedia to quickly compensate for what you managed to lose over a long time of physical passivity.

Regular gymnastics for the neck muscles is the key to maintaining the normal anatomical and physiological state of the cervical spine and, therefore, its functions.

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