10 facts about shaping

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Shaping, like any kind of training, requires a multilateral approach to working on a figure. The key conditions on the way to the goal are professional selection of exercises, control over their regular implementation and supplementing classes with changes in the diet.

Shaping is aimed at working out problem areas. Classes are preceded by passing tests and determining the type of figure, the selection of the style of training. If 20 years ago only the classical version of the exercises was offered, today the lessons of shaping choreography and meditation training are held to find harmony of the body and soul.

Goal - Form

Unlikeaerobics or fitness Winstrol dosage The Best Shortcut To Body Of Your Dreamin shaping, the main task is not to improve the body as a whole or to improve physical fitness. The main thing here is the fight against deficiencies, getting rid of fat in problem areas and working out the muscles. After a warm-up, all the time in training is given to that part of the body that you are not happy with.

The secret to repetition

The key idea in shaping is the repeated repetition of the same exercises after a complex to warm up the muscles. Therefore, if there is a lot for you - this is 20, then prepare mentally A set of exercises with dumbbells at home for the fact that this figure will need to be increased 10 times (perform movements 30-200 times), or choose another type of exercise for weight loss.

How to start fitness classes for weight loss

At least 8 species

This kind of gymnastics, likeshaping, heterogeneous. Among his directions are the following:

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  • Classic - correction of the shape of the selected part of the body;
  • Comprehensive - training to overcome obesity;
  • Children's and teenage;
  • Choreographic;
  • Style system - creating your ideal image in the classroom;
  • Harmony of body and soul.

In the classes according to the latest techniques, they learn to please not only others, but also oneself, not only externally, but also internally.

The effect is felt

Performing exercises for weight loss or muscle building, monitor the sensations, the degree of load. In the first classes, it is enough to feel the tension, in the future you will be able to assess whether the workout is enough intensity. Shaping exercises at first glance seem simple, but this does not mean that you do not have to overpower yourself and overcome the pain. Their difficulty is to repeat actions with increasing speed.

9 types of figures

Shaping instructors before the start of classes determine your type of figure, they stand out 9. They are determined by height, weight, age, state of health and other criteria. The exercises are selected according to the type. For this reason, it is not recommended to start training on your own, without gaining experience.

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Breath and pulse

Duringtrainingby shaping, follow the pulse and rhythm of breathing. It can not be delayed, even with heavy loads. Inhale at the beginning of the exercise and exhale at the end are prerequisites for its effectiveness.

If the pulse rises above 140, this indicates a wrong method. In this case, the program is better to simplify.

Be sure to monitor the diet

If you consume more calories than burn, then shaping will not help and the 12 ways to remove a puffy belly without any press exercises fat will not go away. So that classes are not useless, pick up with your coach yourselfdiet, which you can follow. We'll have to give up sweet, except bitter chocolate, fried, flour and smoked. Increase the amount of protein in the menu so that there is enough energy for training.

Safer than others

During training, there is a risk of overload on the spine and legs with varicose veins. The advantage of shaping is that this type of gymnastics is among the safest. Exercises are often performed on the floor or near the wall, which reduces injuries. Shaping is allowed for people of any complexion and age, with the exception of those suffering from cardiovascular diseases or oncology.

Slow motion

During shaping training, calories are not burned. With the help of gymnastics, it starts the mechanism of their delayed destruction. This is not reflected in the lesson at all, just do not rush to take measurements immediately after it and take stock. The effect will be visible later.

Verify Certificates

Shaping was patented in Russia. The Ministry of Education also approved a program for training trainers in this area. For example, the shaping college is open in St. Petersburg. Therefore, before paying money, check to whom you contacted. If you dont have a test diagnosis and do not offer a diet in addition to training, think about changing the fitness center.

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