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Body correction system created by Leningrad programmers in the late 1980s. The creators themselves call their methodology the science of the XXV century, emphasizing that this is not only physical exercises, but also work with consciousness, based on a purely scientific approach.

Fitness exercises - an effective remedy for weight loss

“Tell me the main reasons why women come to do fitness,” says Ilya Prokhotsev, president of the International Shaping Federation. “Let’s not be cunning and clearly articulate: an attractive appearance, right?” Further, Ilya gives an iron argument according to which attractiveness is a means to achieve a higher Strength exercises at home for weight loss goal - happiness, but for most women it consists in creating a family. And he adds: “This, by the way, is our motto:“ A healthy, happy person in a happy society. ”

Buttock bridge as the basis of a set of exercises for fitness training

The idea of ??creating a program for correcting a female figure (a program for men appeared a little later) did not come from Prokhortsev from scratch. “I was a young engineer, wrote a dissertation at the Baltic State Technical University, and, like many, was engaged in bodybuilding. We had a club, which was actually opened for men, but women suddenly began to come there. And they asked me: since you are a scientist, help them, otherwise we don’t know what to do with them. ” Ilya agreed, but almost immediately ran into a problem: there were no methods developed in accordance with the Simple exercises with dumbbells needs of the female body in the USSR at the end of the 1980s. “There was only women's gymnastics,” he says. “That is, a man was sitting at the piano - I’m not joking, - and around him were women with sticks and doing simple tilts from side to side.” So, against the background of total female physical inactivity, Ilya came up with shaping after passing an examination at the Medical Academy. Sechenov received a patent No. 2207177 "A method for determining the training regimen aimed at correcting physique." If you do not go into details, then shaping is a catchy computer program with which you can take a test and find out how close your figure is to ideal. When a woman first appears in a shaping club (in Moscow and St. Petersburg there are 15 of them as of October 2009), she fills out a questionnaire where, in addition to generally accepted questions, there are columns for “Appearance Assessment” and “Body Assessment” (from neck to shins, on a five-point scale). After that, the administrator enters the data into a computer, which displays the result in kilograms (weight) and percent (subcutaneous fat deposits in different areas of the body). The machine advises correcting flaws using one of the shaping techniques created by Prokhortsev. There are seven such techniques (or, as they are called by the Federation staff, technologies) seven.

Fitness instructions: sets of exercises for independent workouts

The simplest is Shaping Classic, which includes a variety of physical exercises (twice a week for 55 minutes) plus nutritional recommendations. A more complex option is Shaping Pro. According to this technology, according to Prokhortsev, she was preparing, for the Miss Universe 2002 contest, then the senior police lieutenant, and today is the famous TV presenter Oksana Fedorova. In addition to physical activity and a healthy diet, this technique includes practical lessons of makeup, defilement and good manners. “Agree,” says the caption to the photo on which Offering testosterone enanthate for sale online Oksana Fedorova is laying a diamond diadem on her head, “that if smart and developed girls are taught the above set of shaping qualities, many of them will be able to become beauty queens.” Who would doubt that.

However, the most important achievement of Ilya Prokhortsev as of October 2009 is the technology with the paradoxical name “Shaping of“ thin ”bodies”. This technique was developed by physicists and engineers from the International Club of Scientists, which exists under the wing of the Shaping Federation, and is a method for studying not the physical, but the spiritual structure of a person. Women working on this system can learn to see music, hear colors and almost discern an aura with the naked eye. It sounds wild, but this is the direction of shaping that has occupied Ilya the most in recent years. “A new generation of women with enhanced How to remove the stomach with clothing, diet and exercise psychic abilities is growing before our eyes,” he says and shows the Federation’s brochures with photographs of obviously the very women of the new formation. When looking at sexy beauties in high-heeled shoes and bright gymnastic leotards, strange thoughts come into my head. Like most domestic products, the invention of Ilya Prokhortsev turned out to be a sophisticated delicacy for a very sophisticated taste. And despite the fact that shaping is a unique fitness technique, it is very difficult to understand and accept it in its entirety.

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